Nova Scotia grants marine renewable energy permit

By ReNew Canada 10:04AM September 19, 2018



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The Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines has issued a marine renewable energy permit to Black Rock Tidal Power for a tidal electricity project in the Bay of Fundy.

The permit allows Black Rock Tidal Power to test a 280-kilowatt floating platform, called the PLAT-I, for up to six months. The project will not be connected to the electricity grid and, as a result, does not require a power purchase agreement.

With this permit, Black Rock Tidal Power will be able to learn how its device operates in this marine environment and take a staged approach to deployment.

“Developing marine renewable energy here is a key pillar of our clean energy plan,” said Energy and Mines Minister Derek Mombourquette. “Projects like this that test technology in the Bay of Fundy’s unique marine environment will help spur innovation and competition and help solidify Nova Scotia’s position as a leader in the development of tidal technology.”

The floating platform will be installed in Grand Passage, which is between Long Island and Brier Island, Digby Co.

Under the permit, an environmental effects monitoring plan must be in place and adhered to for the duration of the project.

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