The Government of Prince Edward Island is reviewing energy legislation and is inviting Islanders, businesses, communities, and energy partners to provide their feedback.

“Energy is key to our long-term sustainability goals in Prince Edward Island. Some of the major considerations include community energy generation, getting PEI to net-zero, and making our energy grid sustainable for the next 25 years,” said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Steven Myers. “As we work with Island communities to help them become more sustainable, we need an integrated piece of energy legislation that empowers our whole province to move towards our net-zero goals.”

The Electric Power Act regulates rates for electric power, energy efficiency measures, and the regulation of the public utilities. The Renewable Energy Act encourages the use of renewable energy sources to enhance the capacity and reliable of the provincial energy supply.

Government’s energy partners – Maritime Electric, Summerside Electric, and the PEI Energy Corporation – have been advised of the plans to review this legislation and government has asked for their feedback on what energy legislation should look like for PEI.

The Sustainable Communities Initiative is still accepting expressions of interest from community members. Government is looking for community champions to develop a local approach to sustainable community energy generation. The goal is to empower innovative community-led and community-based energy generation models. Participating communities will directly benefit through energy independence, local economic development, and long-term savings on their energy bills.

“Energy independence for PEI communities will require diverse, local solutions and there is no one size fits all solution,” said Minister Myers. “The current legislation has been identified as a barrier to empowering innovative community-based solutions. We need to make sure our legislative framework supports the great ideas we are hearing from these communities, and sets up Island communities for success over the long term.”

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Government will be accepting detailed written submissions from our energy partners and from Islanders beginning Monday, May 25 until end of business day on Monday, June 8. With COVID-19 public health restrictions in mind, virtual public consultations will also be arranged for the middle of June.


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