The Government of Canada is investing over $207,000 in five Quebec communities through the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) on behalf of the federal government.

The program aims to strengthen infrastructure investment decisions based on reliable data and sound asset management practices through asset management training, funding and information sharing.

“These investments are providing municipalities in Quebec with the tools and training they need to plan, build and maintain their roads, water systems, buildings and other key infrastructure for years to come,” said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. “The COVID-19 health crisis has reinforced the importance of effective and modern infrastructure that support safe, sustainable and healthy communities.”

The village of Laurier-Station will receive $50,000 to update its asset inventory of sewers and ad-hoc equipment by organizing and structuring the data along with information from other related assets (water system, roadways), so that they are accessible and can be used within an asset planning tool that will improve the decision-making process.

The municipality of Val-des-Bois will receive $50,000 to hire a resource person to gather and analyze information on the condition of municipal assets. The municipality will provide elected officials and staff with training on their roles and responsibilities with respect to the assets. The municipality will develop an action plan for the adoption of an asset management policy.

The municipality of St-Pacôme will receive $33,600 to adopt a methodology and structure to collect data and implement tools to develop asset maintenance investment plans.

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The united township municipality of Latulipe-et-Gaboury will receive $24,320 to strengthen its knowledge of the location and condition of its road infrastructure by creating a register for the condition of roadways and culverts. It will establish preventive, palliative and curative interventions over a five-year period for its intervention budgets. The municipality will also train staff on better strategies for maintaining and improving its assets to save money, extend service life and reduce the risk of major problems occurring.

The parish of Saint-Édouard-de-Lotbinière will receive $50,000 to update and structure data related to building and ad-hoc equipment assets, in order to organize information and make it accessible, and to improve its knowledge and decision-making process for investing in maintenance, upgrading or repairing assets.

“Municipalities are Canada’s builders. With responsibility over two-thirds of our public infrastructure—and as the governments closest to daily life for Canadians across the country—local leaders are building strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities,” said Garth Frizzell, president of FCM. “That’s why having access to the right tools and information at the local level is so important. It’s how we’re able to build better lives.”


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