E.B. Campbell Hydroelectric Station, which was first commissioned in 1963, is undergoing a thorough and comprehensive refurbishment that will run until spring 2025. The station was nearing the end of its operational life.

The refurbishment of Units 1-6 will give the plant at least 50 more years of renewable power generation for Saskatchewan. The plant, located near Nipawin, generates 289 megawatts (MW) of baseload electricity.

“Hydroelectric generation is an important part of our power future,” said Howard Matthews, vice president of power production at SaskPower. “We are excited to breathe new life into E.B. Campbell, so it can continue to deliver clean, renewable power for the next half century.”

The refurbishment of E.B. Campbell makes use of an important existing hydro power station and comes at an estimated cost of about $300 million. The cost is significantly less than building a new power plant.

Of the $95 million that has been spent on the project to date, approximately $6 million has gone towards Indigenous and local employment opportunities and procurement, with more expected as the project continues.

The work is scheduled to make the best use of seasonal water flows, ensuring that generation capacity windows are maximized throughout the refurbishment process.

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