Metrolinx has awarded a contract to SoilFLO to employ the company’s soil management software to further enhance Metrolinx’s ecological initiatives.

By integrating SoilFLO’s software into its projects Metrolinx,  the crown agency responsible for coordinating major transit initiatives across the Greater Toronto Area, will be able to streamline soil tracking, record-keeping, and compliance procedures while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

The agreement between SoilFLO and Metrolinx demonstrates a shared dedication to preserving and improving the environment through forward-thinking technologies and collaborative efforts. SoilFLO’s software offers construction and environmental teams an advanced platform that simplifies soil management tasks, allowing them to focus on sustainable practices and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

With Metrolinx’s expertise in managing transit infrastructure projects, this collaboration has the potential to generate far-reaching positive impacts. By implementing SoilFLO’s solution, Metrolinx cannot only enhance its operational efficiency but also contribute to reducing its ecological footprint, promoting responsible soil usage, and safeguarding ecosystems throughout Ontario.

“Metrolinx has always been at the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions, and we are thrilled to work with them,” said Kevin Goldberg, president of SoilFLO. “By combining our expertise in soil management software with their dedication to environmental sustainability, we are confident that this collaboration will drive significant positive change across transportation projects throughout Ontario.”

In addition to the direct benefits of improved efficiency and reduced costs, the SoilFLO-Metrolinx agreement aligns with Metrolinx’s vision of a cleaner and greener transportation system. Metrolinx’s comprehensive sustainability initiatives, which encompass energy conservation, waste reduction, and ecosystem protection, are integral to its commitment to building a sustainable future for Ontario.

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Featured image: SoilFLO Earthworks Software tracking loads on-site. (CNW Group/SoilFLO)


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