The District of Summerland was awarded a grant from the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund – Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Adaption funding stream in the amount of $150,000 for the design and construction of the Isintok Dam Spillway Upgrade project.

The District will contribute an additional $60,580 for a total project cost of $210, 580. The project will be carried out by Kerr Wood Leidal Engineering Consultants and construction is scheduled to be completed by May 31, 2023.

Engineering reviews in 2020 to 2022 confirmed that the Isintok spillway is undersized, has become deteriorated, and poses a flood risk to the community of Summerland. The Isintok Dam is currently registered with Dam Safety as having a very high consequence, which identifies it as having potential to cause significant impact to human life, the environment, and properties in an extreme inflow event. The associated work will include tasks such as survey, geotechnical and environmental assessments, permits and approvals, and communication with local indigenous communities. The detailed design portion of the project will cover the design and planning of the new spillway structure, channel protection, and bridge crossing the Isintok Creek conveyance channel on the primary access road.

“The Isintok spillway is at the end of its serviceable life and moving forward with this project will help improve the safety and security of our water supply. We appreciate the provincial government for their investment in this critical area,” says Mayor Doug Holmes.

Featured image: (District of Summerland)

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