Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tag: CleanBC

TransLink recommends quadrupling the rapid transit network over next 30 years 

TransLink is releasing the first full draft of Transport 2050, the region’s strategy for the next 30 years of transportation in Metro Vancouver. The...

Climate change mitigation funds for infrastructure in B.C.

Several communities in British Columbia will be benefiting from more reliable roadways and local jobs as a result of funding from StrongerBC: BC's Economic...

B.C. receives support for green energy infrastructure

Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Member of Parliament for North Vancouver announced funding for 11 projects to help B.C. communities save...

New clean energy funds for First Nations communities

Six First Nations communities are receiving $1.15 million for clean energy projects as part of a funding partnership between the Government of British Columbia,...

B.C. introduces new funding for the electric vehicle sector

B.C. companies that are developing new technologies in the electric vehicle (EV) sector can apply for $4.18 million in new funding under the CleanBC...

Interim report released for Phase Two of the BC Hydro review

The interim report from Phase 2 of the BC Hydro Review has been released, focusing on leveraging B.C.’s clean hydroelectricity to meet the Province’s...

Permit advances Fort Nelson geothermal project

The Government of British Columbia has awarded a permit to the Fort Nelson First Nation to advance a geothermal energy project with the potential...

B.C. announces changes to its building code

The Government of British Columbia has announced updates to the B.C. Building and Plumbing Code (B.C. Building Code), aimed at supporting innovative construction methods...