Representatives from the Government of Canada and the Town of Tecumseh broke ground for the Scully-St. Mark’s Pump Station and Riverside Drive East Reconstruction Project.  The project will support the town in better managing flood risks triggered by climate and environmental conditions and is a major part of the overall Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) project, which was approved for funding in 2021.

The work involves the construction of a new, consolidated Scully-St. Mark’s Storm Pump Station; construction of a new Riverside Drive Trunk Storm Sewer to move stormwater runoff to the consolidated Scully and St. Mark’s pump station and the decommissioning of the existing Scully and St. Mark’s Storm Pump Stations. A future phase of the DMAF project is the replacement of the existing PJ Cecile Pump Station. These improvements will enhance the level of service for the drainage areas and are a major step forward in the Town’s long-term strategy to reduce flood risks due to climate change.

The Government of Canada invested $10.7 million in this flood resiliency project through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF).

“The Government of Canada is committed to investing in infrastructure that supports inclusive communities, creates jobs, supports a strong economy, and builds greener, more resilient communities,” said Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities. “Today’s announcement is an example of our commitment to a strong and resilient Canada, now and in the future.”

“In the face of climate change, disaster mitigation measures are more crucial than ever,” said Irek Kusmierczyk, MP for Windsor-Tecumseh. “The Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund exists to support communities like the Town of Tecumseh in protecting residents, businesses, infrastructure and the environment. By upgrading the stormwater drainage system, we are ensuring that the community will be prepared for rare, but serious flooding events for many more years to come.”

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“As we break ground today on the Scully-St. Mark’s pump station, we embark on a significant endeavour to safeguard our community against flooding and enhance our infrastructure,” said Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara. “By investing in advanced flood protection measures, we are building a stronger foundation for our future by taking real measures to address climate change. Thank you to the Government of Canada for your support through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.”

Featured image: (Town of Tecumseh)


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