Should highways be expanded, optimized and/or replaced? To consider the economic, environmental and social pros and cons of highway construction projects, the Transport Futures Highway Planning Webinar Series will compare and contrast the latest global research, case studies and best practices through expert presentations and interactive panel discussions.

The first 3-hour webinar, taking place on February 9, will analyze the benefits and costs of increasing the capacity of the existing limited-access highway network by building new roads and/or widening/extending them – potentially combined with investments in transportation system management, transportation demand management, intelligent transportation systems, public transit and/or connected vehicle infrastructure. International experts are:

The other themes will be:

  • Optimizing Highways: Enhancing Existing Networks without Expansions, Feb. 23
  • Replacing Highways: A Different Approach to Transportation Planning, March 9
  • Highway Funding: Procurement and Financial Structures in the Current Market, March 23
  • Highway Communications: Separating Economic, Environmental and Social Facts from Fiction, April 5
  • Highway Construction and Operations: Traditions and Innovations, April 20
  • Highway Stakeholders: Diverse Perspectives on the Future of Highways, May 4

The Highway Planning Webinar Series is generously sponsored by 407 ETR along with in-kind support from Transport Action Ontario, MSC Consulting and Daily Commercial News.

Featured image: (Infrastructure Ontario)

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