The City of Winnipeg has released its Infrastructure Plan, presenting a 10-year outlook of the City’s capital priorities in support of the development of a multi-year capital budget. The Infrastructure Plan will be presented at the meeting of the Executive Policy Committee on December 3, 2019.

The Infrastructure Plan is the first document of its kind for the City, encompassing all civic services and applies to proposed capital projects over $5 million. This threshold applies to 45 projects with a combined total cost of $5.8 billion, capturing approximately 50 per cent of the City’s total capital needs from 2020-2029.

The Infrastructure Plan is intended to be a blueprint for how the City is able to maintain sustainable and affordable service delivery for residents, by incorporating the information from the Plan into the City’s investment planning cycle and multi-year budget process on an annual basis.

Each capital investment is ranked according to the total cost benefit points ratio, which is a calculation involving the total capital costs and assessed benefits at the time the investment is needed and placed into service.

Click here to download a copy of the City’s Infrastructure Plan, which includes information for all 45 proposed capital projects.

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