The Government of Canada and the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick announced joint funding for 16 projects to improve public infrastructure in Fredericton.

These investments will support upgrades to active transportation infrastructure that will increase transportation options for residents. Other improvements to arenas, an indoor pool and outdoor sport courts will also support active lifestyles for residents. Finally, upgraded city buildings and infrastructure will ensure Fredericton residents can continue to benefit from the modern and reliable services they need.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $2.3 million toward these projects through COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The City of Fredericton is contributing more than $588,000.

“While we invest in new roads and buildings in our province, it’s also important that we maintain our public buildings to provide healthy spaces for employees and residents,” stated Jenica Atwin, MP for Fredericton.

“Continuing with our model of fiscal resiliency, this funding allowed us to execute on our planned annual capital improvements in the areas of recreation and tourism, active transportation and mobility, as well as needed renovations and repairs to City facilities,” added Fredericton Mayor Kate Rogers. “Without this funding our 2021, COVID capital program would have looked very different.”

Featured image: 104th Regiment Foot Bridge (Twitter: @CityFredGov)

Project Information

Project Title Project Description Federal Funding Municipal Funding
104th Regiment Foot Bridge This project replaces all wooden decking to ensure extended usage of the footbridge for many years to come. $280,000 $70,000
Active Transportation Implementation Construction segments to fill key gaps in Fredericton’s active transportation infrastructure, opening up opportunities for increased mobility. $200,000 $50,000
Arena Ice Plants – Fredericton Rebuilding two compressors (one at York and one at Lady Beaverbrook Rink) and conduct a complete a scan of refrigeration piping at Willie O’Ree rink. $72,000 $18,000
Boyce Farmers Market Retrofits Retrofits including the installation of 5 plexiglass barriers to ensure physical distancing while patrons are eating, as well as the installation of a large plexiglass barrier in front of a window and garage door to reflect the recommendations from the Dept. Of Health and keep patrons safe. $2,852 $713
City Parking Garage Repairs – Fredericton Repairing the East End parking garage and the Frederick Square parking garage to prevent corrosion and reduce weather damage. This project will improve the structural stability, and extend the life of the facility. $120,000 $30,000
Drinking Water Conversion – Fredericton Safety retrofits for refillable water fountains, including the conversion of existing drinking water fountains to refillable bottle stations as part of a COVID-19 mitigation strategy. $40,000 $10,000
Fredericton – Emerald Ash Borer Treating Ash trees to delay spread of invasive species (Emerald Ash Borer), as well as the replacement of tree infrastructure to mitigate future damage by an invasive species. This project will maintaining the Ash tree canopy cover to help reduce storm water runoff, and provide shade and cooling; an essential defense against climate change and excess rainwater. $40,000 $10,000
Fredericton – Pedestrian and Trail Crossing Add safety features, such as signs and safety markings, at key crossings and intersections across the city, including the Fulton Avenue Trail Crossing, and Maple Street and Forest Hill Road. $60,000 $15,000
Fredericton Indoor Pool Cutting in a new access into the pool mechanical room to remove and install the new HVAC unit, replace the blower component and install new controls. $60,000 $15,000
Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure – Fredericton Converting existing sports courts into Pickle Ball courts at Nasis Middle School in Fredericton. $120,000 $30,000
Outdoor Sport Court and Field New – Fredericton Development of new outdoor volleyball courts surrounding the Scotiabank/Willie O’Ree Place. $240,000 $60,000
Outdoor Sport Court and Field Renewal – Fredericton Converting an older baseball field (Marysville back field) to a new Bantam level field, including field reconstruction to accommodate Bantam requirements, as well as adding lighting, fencing, bleachers and dugouts. $340,000 $85,000
Police Station Renovations – Fredericton Renovating the infill to enclose the front lobby of the station to improve safety, privacy, and to create more usable floor space.  Work will include floors, walls, finishes, HVAC, and sprinklers. $220,000 $55,000
Sidewalk and Subdivision Connection Extensions Building sidewalk and subdivision connections to provide year round access to pedestrian facilities and active transportation infrastructure. $200,000 $50,000
Transportation Safety Improvements Six transportation infrastructure projects across the city to make incremental improvements to the transportation system and to increase safety and reliability. $240,000 $60,000
Various Roofing Repairs – Fredericton Roofing and re-capping of various buildings identified in a Spring inspection, including City Hall. It will prolong the life of building roofs and reduce the need for full replacement. $120,000 $30,000
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