The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) held a ground-breaking ceremony to mark one of the largest runway rehabilitation projects in the airport’s history. Runway 06L/24R, Pearson’s second-busiest runway, will be temporarily closed to late fall for a complete rehabilitation. Modern innovation and advanced planning will allow Pearson to complete the project in eight months, and with a more sustainable approach.

First built in the 1960s, this 3-km runway requires a complete rehabilitation due to the wearing down of its concrete sub-structure because of weather conditions, use and time. This project will extend the life of the runway by 30 years and enhance the safety of the runway. The project will include the use of recycled materials and upgrades to 1,800 LED lights, which will help enhance safety and reduce its carbon footprint. Other environmentally friendly construction practices include using crushed concrete from the runway pavement removal for the sub-base and base materials, and recycled milling asphalt materials on approach roads in the vicinity of the runway.

“This rehabilitation is about building essential infrastructure that is required for the economy of  the region, the province and the nation,” said Deborah Flint, President and CEO, GTAA. “A strong Pearson will support Canada’s recovery by enabling foreign direct investment, trade, tourism and critical goods movement. Moreover, this work will contribute millions of dollars to the local economy, create meaningful jobs and use sustainable construction practices.”

“As Canada works towards recovery from the pandemic, investments in our airport infrastructure continue to be crucial to maintain safety, security and connectivity for travellers, workers and communities,” said Omar Alghabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport. “Our government is pleased to support Toronto Pearson International Airport with this critical runway safety project. We remain committed to investing in the infrastructure and tools needed to help re-invigorate the aviation industry and to allow Canadians to feel safe and secure when they travel.”

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Local elected officials, GTAA executives and representatives from lead contractor Dufferin Construction, as well as Avia NG, were also on hand to mark the occasion.

Featured image: (GTAA)


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