Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx have selected Trillium Guideway Partners (TGP) to deliver the Ontario Line Elevated Guideway and Stations contract. The team has signed a Development and Master Construction Agreement (DMCA) with Metrolinx, under a progressive design-build contract.

The Trillium Guideway Partners team includes:

  • Applicant Leads: Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Amico Major Projects Inc.
  • Design Team: WSP Canada Inc.
  • Construction Team: Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Amico Major Projects Inc.

The team was selected following an evaluation of proposals submitted in September 2023. The selection of TGP is the result of an open, fair and competitive procurement process overseen by a third-party fairness monitor.

“Amico is thrilled to be participating in this most worthwhile project. The Ontario Line will reduce traffic congestion, provide a wonderful transportation alternative that will reduce fuel consumption and significantly enhance public transportation. Participation in projects such as this that have a positive impact on decarbonization is an Amico goal. [We have] a strong partnership record with Acciona on Infrastructure Ontario projects and look forward to continuing that partnership,” said Amico president Dominic Amicone.

The DMCA incorporates a multi-stage design process called a development phase, according to the progressive design-build model. This phase allows for a collaborative approach between Metrolinx as the project owner and TGP as the contracting partner, who work together to finalize the scope, risk allocation and pricing of various elements of this contract.

“The Ontario Line represents a generational improvement to the transit network in Toronto, expanding and strengthening connections to subway, rail and bus systems in the city. WSP is proud to partner with its Trillium Guideway Partners to deliver this important piece of the future of Toronto transit,” said Corina Moore, executive vice president, Transportation and Infrastructure, WSP in Canada.

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The development phase is anticipated to take up to 20 months, though early works construction can commence during this phase. Once the development phase has concluded, Metrolinx will have the option to sign a final target-price agreement with TGP, which would include final agreements on detailed designs and a negotiated price.

The scope of work includes three kilometres of an elevated guideway (bridge structures); five elevated stations (Riverside-Leslieville, Gerrard, Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Science Centre), one emergency exit building, interface with the operations and maintenance storage facility as well as with the Eglinton Crosstown LRT Line 5 and sections of existing Metrolinx-owned rail corridor where Ontario Line trains will operate.

The Ontario Line project is being delivered through various public-private partnership (P3), progressive design-build and traditional procurement contracts, which are all being staged accordingly for their successful delivery.

Featured image: Rendering of proposed Ontario Line Exhibition Station. (Metrolinx)


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