BC Hydro announced that the dam safety upgrade projects underway in the Campbell River system continue to reach milestones with the latest being the award of the general contractor contract for the Ladore Spillway Gate Seismic Upgrade project, and the issuance of a Request For Proposal for the Strathcona Dam Water Discharge Upgrade project. Both capital projects continue to track for site construction beginning in 2025.

“We were pleased with the three companies that bid on the Ladore Spillway Gate Seismic Upgrade Project, and from that review process, we’re pleased to announce the general contractor for the project will be the Aecon-EBC Ladore General Partnership,” said Stephen Watson, BC Hydro spokesperson. “This is the same general contractor currently working on the John Hart Dam Seismic Upgrade project civil works. We look forward to working closely with the contractor’s team as we plan for construction in 2025.”

The Aecon-EBC Ladore General Partnership will lead the construction work to build the new Ladore Dam spillway gates and hoist system, control and auxiliary buildings, and additional anchoring the spillway piers to the bedrock.

“The contractor will proceed to construction once the project has completed the BC Utilities Commission regulatory review process that’s currently underway, and received all approvals including funding,” said Watson. “Site preparation work is planned to begin in early 2025 with the seismic upgrade work on the first of the three spillway gates starting in 2026. One spillway gate will be replaced per year so that we maintain operational flexibility for flood risk management.”

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In late March, BC Hydro posted onto BC Bid a Request For Proposal for a general contractor for the Strathcona Dam Water Discharge Upgrade Project.

“The Strathcona project will significantly improve the overall seismic withstand of the spillway gates, the reliability of the spillway gate system, the power, control and telecommunications, and overall water management operations,” said Watson.

The Strathcona project is also currently undergoing regulatory review by the BC Utilities Commission, and also requires funding approvals to proceed.

The Ladore project may generate about 60 to 70 jobs per year, and the Strathcona project about 100 to 120 jobs per year, from 2025 to 2028.

In July 2023, the Aecon-EBC General Partnership started the civil work for the John Hart Dam Seismic Upgrade Project. Project employment peaked at about 130 people working at the dam in late 2023 and may hover at or slightly below that level over the next few years. BC Hydro plans to issue the Request For Proposals for the hydro-mechanical component of the project in 2025. The contractor awarded that work will replace the three spillway gates and related works.

“Public safety is our highest priority, and these projects on the Campbell River hydroelectric system are another example of our commitment to delivering safe and reliable electricity to our customers across the province,” said Watson. “These projects continue to move along as planned.”

Featured image: (BC Hydro)


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