Canada, New Brunswick renew Community-Building Fund agreement for 10 years


The governments of Canada and New Brunswick signed a new 10-year agreement for the Canada Community-Building Fund. In the first five years, New Brunswick will receive $254.8 million to support local infrastructure priorities.

“This money will allow our government to make meaningful investments that make life better for New Brunswickers,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “New Brunswick is stronger than ever. Whether it is housing, roads or fire stations, these are funds that allow us to keep building.”

Higgs said the Canada Community-Building Fund has been a valuable program provincewide, and a renewed agreement is critical to addressing future growth opportunities. It provides communities with predictable and flexible funding and has 19 categories of eligible projects, including local roads, highways and bridges; regional and local airports; drinking water; wastewater infrastructure; solid waste management; community energy systems; recreation; culture; tourism; and fire halls.

The fund will also support housing through infrastructure projects that align with local needs.

“Investments in infrastructure are essential in supporting affordable and inclusive communities for all Canadians,” said federal Housing, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Sean Fraser. “We are proud to announce this deal that will provide municipalities across New Brunswick the flexibility to invest in their local needs.”

“The renewal of the Canada Community-Building Fund agreement is incredibly important for our province’s municipalities and their residents,” said Local Government Minister Glen Savoie. “I would like to thank department staff whose dedication and hard work resulted in a better deal for New Brunswickers. Successfully aligning federal priorities with the realities of our communities is a shining example of how our strong partnerships can have a significant impact on the quality of life in our province.”

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The fund is meant to help communities build and revitalize public infrastructure in keeping with priorities such as productivity and economic growth; a clean environment; strong cities and communities; and improved housing supply and affordability.

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