Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure), Has announced that it has completed its acquisition of a majority interest in Bremner Trio Hydro Corp. and the closing of a $197 million debt financing for the construction of the projects with its equity partners, Greengen Holdings Ltd. and Sts’ailes Energy Development Limited Partnership. Bremner owns two construction-stage, run-of-river hydropower facilities located near Harrison Lake in British Columbia.

The portfolio consists of the 27-megawatt (MW) Trio Creek and 23 MW Bremner Creek hydroelectric projects, which have a combined expected energy output of approximately 150 gigawatt hours per year. Compared to coal-fired generation, each year the projects will offset more than 100 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of more than 52,000 kilograms of coal burned.

“CC&L Infrastructure is pleased to complete this transaction and financing,” said Matt O’Brien, President of CC&L Infrastructure. “The investment in the Bremner and Trio Creek hydro assets adds to our growing renewable energy portfolio, which now includes approximately 300 MW of long-life hydroelectric generation. We look forward to advancing these high-quality projects alongside our partners over the coming years.”

Construction of the Trio Creek project is underway and the Bremner Creek project is expected to commence construction later this year. Both facilities are expected to be operational by 2022. In total, the projects will require approximately $230 million of capital and, once completed, will benefit from predictable, inflation-linked cash flows under a 40-year Electricity Purchase Agreement with the British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority.

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