The Government of Saskatchewan announced that construction is underway on a $21.4 million twinning project on Highway 3, west of Prince Albert.

“Highway 3 is a busy commuter and transportation route and connects communities, northwest of P.A. including Shellbrook,” Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said. “Our budget of more than $800 million dollars includes highway investments that improve travel for our citizens across Saskatchewan.”

The Highway 3 twinning project will cover almost eight kilometres and will run from the junction of Highway 2 to the Shell River bridge. The design includes a four-lane highway with a concrete median barrier in the centre of the road, four protected T-intersections, as well as new lighting throughout the corridor.

One of the people on hand is Alexandra Zbaraschuk, who was involved in a serious collision on Highway 3 west.

“I was 16 in November 2018, and I was involved in a collision that changed my life,” she said.  “I wanted to see changes so others don’t have to face what I have, and I am very pleased to see these safety improvements to the highway.”

Aecon Transportation West Ltd. will be responsible for construction.

The Highway 3 safety improvements are in addition to new passing lanes which opened last fall between Shellbrook and the Shell River Bridge.

Featured image: (Government of Saskatchewan)

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