The City of Edmonton announced that construction season is officially underway as part of its $7 billion 2023–26 Capital Budget, which includes more than $1.7 billion in infrastructure renewal.

Guided by The City Plan, more than 200 City infrastructure projects being planned, designed and built in 2024.

“More and more people are choosing to live in Edmonton,” said Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. “As our city grows, we have a responsibility to invest in the services that our growing population needs: services like police and fire stations, roads, transit, libraries, parks, recreation centres and more. Building with purpose allows us to create and maintain spaces that encourage people to come together with family, friends and neighbours.”

The City is committed to creating conditions to foster a vibrant, inclusive, safe and sustainable downtown core. The newly constructed Centennial Plaza is an example of how purposeful infrastructure can breathe new life into the city centre and facilitate connection. The renewed outdoor space will feature enhanced landscaping and accessible seating, which are the direct product of careful planning and engagement between the City, its infrastructure partners and surrounding communities.

“We are thrilled to see the new outdoor plaza opening right next to the library. This vibrant space promises to be a valuable addition to our community, offering a welcoming environment for all to gather, connect and explore,” said Sharon Day, executive cirector of Customer Experience at Edmonton Public Library. “The plaza will undoubtedly enhance the downtown experience for Edmontonians and contribute to the overall vibrancy of our city.”

As part of the City’s commitment to being Greener as We Grow, a substantial endeavour breaks ground in downtown this year with the Warehouse Park Project. Reimagining gravel parking lots into an urban park will be a catalyst for further residential and commercial development while creating a space for the surrounding communities to play, be active, relax and gather.

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Major transformational projects are building capacity for commuters and transporting goods across the city. Construction on two key arterial routes will progress throughout 2024 with work on Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion (No. 62 on ReNew Canada’s 2024 Top100 Projects report) and Terwillegar Drive Expansion. Investment in public transit continues with the Valley Line West LRT (No. 31 on ReNew Canada’s 2024 Top100 Projects report) in its third year of major construction. Substantial work will take place along the LRT alignment in 2024, including the elevated guideway for the future Misericordia Hospital and West Edmonton Mall stations.

The City continues to prioritize infrastructure renewal to improve the longevity of our roads, facilities and communities. The City is adding solar panels to existing buildings, while also examining how new projects can incorporate sustainable practices at the design phase. Renewal projects like the Mill Creek Pool Rehabilitation will see City spaces upgraded to meet new accessibility standards.

Through the Neighbourhood Renewal Program, more than 100 kilometres of residential roads and sidewalks and 23 kilometres of alleys will be renewed in 17 neighbourhoods. The three-year William Hawrelak Park Renewal Project, which will replace 50-year-old underground utilities, transportation networks, open spaces and facility infrastructure, is in its second year of construction.

“As we plan for each capital budget cycle, we look for opportunities to balance investment in new infrastructure while caring for what already exists,” said Craig Walbaum, Acting Deputy City Manager of the Integrated Infrastructure Services department. “We’re working on the roads, bridges and pathways Edmontonians need and use every day to move around the city. It’s critical we maintain what we have.”

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Featured image: (L to R) Craig Walbaum, Acting Deputy City Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Services Department, City of Edmonton; Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi; and Sharon Day, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Edmonton Public Library. (City of Edmonton)


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