Call for submissions for Top100 Projects report

By ReNew Canada 07:08AM July 11, 2017



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ReNew Canada is making an open call for submissions for the 2018 Top100 Projects report.

The 2017 report had an overall value of over $186 million, and included the first two Canadian public sector infrastructure projects valued at over $10 billion. The #1 project for the 2017 edition was the Bruce Power Refurbishment project, valued at $13 billion.

As part of the research phase of the Top100 Projects report, ReNew Canada is looking to hear from project owners, contractors, engineers, designers, financiers, and legal teams about any public sector infrastructure project currently under development in Canada, ones which carry an overall project value of over $300 million. We also want to know what role your company is playing on the project, and how your work has progressed during 2017. Even if your role on a project is complete, we still want to be sure to include your company on the project listing.

Submitting information to the Top100 Projects report is simple. Just provide your updated information in a Word document, and include any high resolution images or renderings of the project you may have, and email the information to andrew@actualmedia.ca.

If you have any questions about the Top100 Projects report at any time, please email editor Andrew Macklin at the email provided above.

Be sure to watch for the release of the 2018 ReNew Canada Top10 Projects report, available in January of 2018. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the annual Top100 Projects Key Players and Owners Dinner, which takes place at The Carlu in Toronto on Tuesday, February 20. Tickets go on sale in August.

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