The Government of Canada, through Indigenous Services Canada, has provided an investment of $16.95 million to the Wunnumin Lake First Nation to renovate and expand Wanapetum Memorial Health Centre.

“Wunnumin Lake Council and I are very happy that the redevelopment of the health centre is underway,” said Chief Samuel Mamakwa of the Wunnumin Lake First Nation. “We’re looking forward to the completion of this project to enhance health care services here in the community.”

The redevelopment of the health facility will improve access to quality primary health care in the community and will support a range of services and programs related to public health, mental wellbeing, and dental care including children’s oral health.

A feasibility study that was completed in 2018 was used to identify and ensure that the redevelopment would meet the needs of the community. It was determined that major renovations to the existing space and an expansion of the facility were required. In total, the expansion will add more than 1,100 square metres, for a total of 1,713 square metres of functional space, to the existing health facility.

The redeveloped facility will also support an additional full-time nurse to enhance primary care services and better serve the 574 residents living in the community.

Wunnumin Lake First Nation is an Ojibway/Cree community located approximately 360 km northwest of Sioux Lookout and is accessible by air year-round or seasonal winter road, with a population of approximately 574 on-reserve.

Funding for the project has been delivered through the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch Social Infrastructure Funding.

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The redevelopment of the health facility is expected to be completed in the year 2021.


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