The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) announced it is teaming up with AECOM to lead the development of a new Environmental Master Plan for the organization.

The plan will focus on six key areas in support of GTAA’s environmental policy – climate change, carbon neutrality and emissions, strategic energy use, water management, natural environment, and waste management. In this role, AECOM will suggest high level capital projects and operational changes to assist GTAA in meeting its environmental goals.

“The effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry are well documented, yet also offer an unparalleled opportunity to identify and integrate environmentally sustainable design, construction and operational best practices,” said Pat Neville, VP, Airport Development and Technical Services, GTAA. “These environmental sustainability features will be critical in ensuring the recovery of the airport while ensuring a more efficient and resilient airport of the future.”

Under its project scope, AECOM will develop strategic plans for each GTAA environmental focus area that will together form an environmental master plan for Toronto Pearson International Airport. The firm will provide services such as conducting baseline assessments for the focus areas; overseeing peer review and analysis of current strategies; identifying priority areas and related goals; preparing cost/benefit analysis for programs and targets; and recommending systems to monitor performance and communicate key metrics.

“GTAA is at the forefront of aviation sustainability, and we are honored to be part of its next chapter as it continues to demonstrate leadership in environmental policies and strategies,” said Frank Sweet, chief executive of AECOM’s global Environment business.

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“We have partnered with GTAA for decades and look forward to applying this firsthand knowledge of local conditions, design standards, and airline needs to produce a high-quality, high-value product,” said Marc Devlin, chief executive of AECOM’s Canada region. “Our structured project management approach combined with our technical depth, focus on quality, and familiarity of Toronto Pearson’s dynamic operations will allow us to help define environmental and sustainability practices that will help pave the path towards GTAA achieving its ambitious and innovative best-in-class goals.”

Featured image: Toronto Pearson International Airport. (GTAA)


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