The Government of Manitoba announced that construction work is continuing on Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 101 and PTH 100, the North and South Perimeter Highways.

“Since the 2018 safety review of the South Perimeter Highway, our government has worked diligently to implement the measures required to enhance traffic safety, reduce collisions and save lives while also ensuring continued access for businesses and residents in the area,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk. “The Perimeter Highway is one of the most important economic corridors in Manitoba. Our ongoing work is critical to ensuring traffic on this route flows safely and efficiently.”

The minister noted this next phase of construction work builds on the substantial progress already made to improve safety by upgrading service roads and mitigating high-risk access points, such as median openings and intersections where access is controlled with stop signs.

Work completed, underway and to be tendered on the North and South Perimeter Highways (PTH 100 and PTH 101) in 2022 includes:

  • extending the west service road south to PTH 190;
  • extending the westbound bypass lane on Provincial Road (PR) 221 to accommodate greater traffic volumes;
  • closing the medians and access to PTH 101 at Road 63N once the work listed above has been completed;
  • widening PTH 6 to four lanes from PTH 101 to the Prairie Dog Central railway tracks and adding passing lanes further north;
  • constructing a roundabout at the intersection of PTH 6 and PR 236;
  • upgrading and paving the north service road from PR 236 to Lilyfield Road and from PR 409 to east of Dasmesh School to accommodate heavy commercial loading;
  • reconstructing the north service road between King Edward and Ritchie streets to improve drainage and eliminate an existing jog in the road;
  • closing an uncontrolled approach near PR 330;
  • continued construction of the new interchange at St. Mary’s Road;
  • resurfacing sections of PTH 100 between PTH 3 and Portage Avenue;
  • extending Aimes Road to St. Anne’s Road;
  • constructing a new right turn lane at PR 330; and
  • paving near the Pembina Highway interchange.
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Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure has also begun a functional design study of the North Perimeter, similar to that completed for the South Perimeter in 2020, which will outline a staged approach for major changes to the Perimeter Highway. This will allow for changes that are appropriate for current traffic levels and that can accommodate future upgrades as traffic volumes increase, the minister noted The design study awarded to WSP Canada Ltd. will include public engagement activities to help identify further improvements that are both safe and meet the needs of local stakeholders.

Work on the detailed design for a new diamond interchange at the intersection of PTH 100 and PTH 3 is expected to start in early 2023.

Featured image: (WSP)


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