Nova Scotia’s roads, highways, and bridges are getting a funding boost, as the provincial government is providing a $300 million investment in capital spending for 2019-20.

“We are making the largest investment in Nova Scotia’s infrastructure in eight years and one of the largest in our province’s history,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines.

Major construction on new highways and bridges accounts for the $15 million overall increase with much of the additional funding focused on twinning portions of Highway 101, 103, 104, and Highway 107 (the Sackville-Bedford-Burnside Connector)

The plan outlines new projects such as the beginning of construction on the Lantz interchange in Hants County and road improvements on the Cabot Trail at Cape Smokey.

It also renews the $20 million in spending for a Gravel Road Program to proactively rebuild existing gravel roads in rural Nova Scotia, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.

The plan maps out government’s approach, year by year, to repair and maintain the province’s 23,000 kilometres of roads and highways and 4,100 bridges. The plan is subject to approval in the 2019-20 budget.

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