Nova Scotia’s Department of Public Works announced that people living in and around Broadway, Pictou County, will have better access to Highway 104 now that a new interchange will be built in the area.

The interchange will become Exit 28. The distance between exits 27 and 29 is about 20 kilometres, which is longer than the typical gap between exits. It will make travel easier for local residents and improve safety by giving emergency responders better access to the community.

“This is good news for people living in and around the Broadway area,” said Kim Masland, Minister of Public Works. “The Highway 104 twinning project has been a tremendous success and the addition of this interchange only builds on our work to improve safety along this important trade corridor.”

The Highway 104 Project is No. 78 on ReNew Canada’s 2023 Top100 Projects report.

The new interchange is also expected to reduce traffic for people living along Trunk 4 in the area.

Design work is already underway, and the project is expected to cost about $9 million.  Construction is expected to begin early this fall and be complete next summer.

Dexter Nova Alliance, the Province’s partner on the Highway 104 twinning project, is leading the interchange project.

The Broadway interchange is an addition to the Province’s Highway 104 twinning project between Sutherlands River and Antigonish.

The interchange will include an eastbound exit ramp and a westbound entrance ramp.

Featured image: (Nova Scotia Department of Public Works)

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