The Nuclear Waste Management Organization(NWMO) announced the signing of a five-year extension by Laurie Swami, president and CEO of NWMO and representatives of the Canadian and French governments of their co-operation agreement on the long-term management of radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel.

Both France and Canada recognize that the safe, long-term management of radioactive waste and used nuclear fuel is of the utmost priority and that both countries have significant expertise and experiences they can share to make sure that both people and the environment are protected for generations to come.

“Canada and France are world leaders in nuclear waste management, and this co-operation agreement signals our commitment to sharing, learning and collaborating between our respective countries,” said Laurie Swami. “We’re seeing significant progress, not just in Canada and in France, but across the globe as more and more countries approve and ultimately begin building deep geological repositories to safely dispose of high-level radioactive waste or used nuclear fuel. I am delighted that Minister Sylvie Retailleau was able to support and highlight the importance of international collaboration on protecting people and the environment.”

Over the past decade, information sharing between the NWMO and Andra on communications and dialogue with the public, safety approaches, research and development progress and innovative technologies has been important in the achievement of key milestones in both the Canadian and French radioactive waste and used fuel management programs. The NWMO and Andra are proud of their co-operation and look forward to continued partnership and international excellence based on mutual confidence, understanding and respect for their cultural specificities.

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“Canada is a Tier-1 nuclear nation, and the safe management of radioactive waste is the government’s top priority when it comes to nuclear energy,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “Through agreements such as this one and partnerships with like-minded allies, we will reach our net-zero targets. We look forward to the continued collaboration between the NWMO and Andra, both of whom have been leading the charge on the advancement of deep geological repositories for the safe, long-term management of nuclear fuel waste.”

“France and Canada, who rank among the leading countries in the field of civil nuclear energy, are both fully committed to using nuclear power to address environmental as well as energy security concerns,” said French Ambassador Michel Miraillet. “They share long-standing co-operation ties in the main areas of civil nuclear energy, including waste management. Both agencies in charge of managing waste, Andra and the NWMO, are fully engaged in collaborative actions, which greatly help in resolving the fuel cycle back-end issues. The renewal of their co-operation agreement, witnessed by Minister Retailleau and her Canadian counterpart Minister Champagne, clearly highlights the importance of the NWMO and Andra’s contribution to the sustainability of nuclear energy.”

Featured image: The Nuclear Waste Management Organization and the Canadian and French governments signed a five-year extension of the Cooperation Agreement on the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel. (L to R) François-Philippe Champagne, minister of innovation, science and industry of Canada; Laurie Swami, president and CEO, Nuclear Waste Management Organization; French Ambassador to Canada Michel Miraillet; and Sylvie Retailleau, minister of higher education and research of France. (NWMO)

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