Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is launching the Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability in Pickering. The world class facility is expected to attract skilled jobs, innovative businesses and economic development to the Durham region as well as advance solutions for minimizing nuclear materials and recycling clean materials.

“OPG and the nuclear industry in Ontario are already recognized for their excellence in the safe and reliable operation of CANDU nuclear stations,” said Carla Carmichael, vice president of nuclear decommissioning strategies for OPG. “The Centre will integrate collaboration and research to identify innovative solutions in the nuclear sector while also supporting the work underway to prepare for decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.”

OPG is the largest electricity generator in the province, providing almost half of the power Ontarians rely on. It is also one of the most diverse generators in North America, with expertise in nuclear, hydroelectric, biomass, solar and natural gas technologies.

With participation from the wider industry, the Centre will operate as a hub to:

  • leverage and coordinate Ontario’s vast talents and competencies to make Canada a world leader in nuclear decommissioning;
  • advance solutions for nuclear materials, with a continuing emphasis on minimizing its environmental footprint;
  • create economic growth in Ontario and a significant number of highly skilled jobs over the next several years; and,
  • mobilize Ontario’s strong nuclear supply chain to develop tooling required for nuclear decommissioning; and,
  • collaborate by forming partnerships with the industry, community, local businesses, academia, Indigenous communities and global entities to discover research, development and export opportunities for innovative nuclear energy solutions.
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As owner of the largest CANDU reactor fleet in Canada, OPG has a unique ability to harness and consolidate activities across the nuclear industry to provide sustainable solutions for the industry, environment, community and Ontario ratepayers.

“We celebrate the launch of the new Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability, a hub for innovative nuclear solutions that will support Pickering Nuclear Generating Station’s decommissioning process and create immediate opportunities for economic development in the region,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines. “OPG’s Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has been providing Ontario with safe and reliable nuclear power for decades. We’re fortunate to be home to world-class facilities like this in Ontario.”

Featured image credit: OPG.


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