Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) continues to advance the design planning of a new crossing to replace the Alexandra Bridge.

PSPC has partnered with the Royal Architectural Institute (RAIC) to provide professional guidance throughout the elaboration of design solutions and ensuring that the new bridge design meets the highest possible design standards and incorporates important considerations that Canadians share.

Through an expression of interest, the RAIC has assembled an Independent Review Panel comprising experts in multiple disciplines. These disciplines include, but are not limited to, Indigenous culture and values, heritage preservation, architecture, engineering and urban planning. The panel will examine design options created by the technical advisor and provide expert advice on critical aspects of the project, including recommendations on the preferred concept design.

“The Alexandra Bridge is a national historic site in the National Capital Region, connecting communities on both sides of the Ottawa River. The Independent Review Panel will help ensure the new design creates a more reliable and sustainable bridge that also highlights the unique setting of the existing bridge, respects the integrity of the national capital’s cultural landscapes, and reflects Canadian values and identity,” said Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

The public will be able to participate in the design process through consultations expected to begin in late spring/early summer 2024. Results and feedback received from the public consultations activities will also be shared with the Independent Review Panel for their consideration. Local Indigenous communities will also be consulted throughout the design process.

“As the principal federal planner in the National Capital Region, the NCC works in collaboration with stakeholders to enhance the natural and cultural character of the National Capital Region. We look forward to the Independent Review Panel’s contribution, which will help guide the design elements of the Alexandra Bridge replacement project. This is a unique opportunity to reimagine a vital connection between Ottawa and Gatineau,” said Tobi Nussbaum, CEO, National Capital Commission.

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The National Capital Commission (NCC) will review the recommended design concept as part of its regulatory federal approval authority.

While the bridge replacement project continues, PSPC is carrying out repair work to keep the Alexandra Bridge in service and safe for commuters. Work started in fall 2023, and the bridge is currently closed to vehicular traffic. Work is expected to be completed in summer 2025.

“The RAIC is proud to advocate for important issues of society through responsible architecture. The RAIC’s purpose is to create a better world for all by empowering Canada’s architectural community. Through our work, the organization envisions a strong architectural community that is valued and empowered to create change. In partnership with PSPC, the RAIC has engaged with the support of an Independent Review Panel lead by designated professional advisors to review technical aspects and recommend a preferred concept design for subsequent consideration by the NCC Board of Directors,” stated the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Featured image: (National Capital Commission)


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