Ministers for highways and transportation in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance economic corridors and support the movement of products within Western Canada.

The three provincial governments will work together to eliminate regulatory inefficiency and uncertainty to attract and develop nation-building projects. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will coordinate to identify and prioritize strategic infrastructure that will enhance trade and transportation between the provinces and around the world. Through this, new economic corridors will be built to support the movement of critical resources, energy and utility projects, and secure national supply chains.

“The world needs what Saskatchewan has to offer,” said Saskatchewan Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill. “We rely on dependable, robust, road, rail, air and port networks to ship our food, fuel and fertilizer across North America and around the globe.”

“Manitoba’s unique gateway and hub initiatives cannot develop in isolation, that is why external cooperative partnerships will leverage our initiatives for success,” said Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk. “With similar trade and transport access such as distance to markets, reliance on international ports and railway services, and similar commodity basis, Saskatchewan and Alberta are natural key partners to work with on improving trade-enablement through transportation.”

“Alberta is proud to partner with Saskatchewan and Manitoba, taking a leadership role in building new trade corridors that will help our provinces and our country,” said Alberta’s Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen.

The three provinces will cooperate to:

  • Improve efficiency of inter-provincial highway and rail networks.
  • Encourage the federal government for infrastructure funding and national supply chain solutions.
  • Keep their economies competitive and grow capital investment.
  • Harmonize regulations to support businesses, industries and shippers.
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Featured image: (L to R) Alberta’s Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen; Saskatchewan Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill; and Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk. (Government of Manitoba)


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