The New Brunswick Museum (NBM) Board of Directors marked a significant step forward for the Revitalize NBM project, with the unveiling of its bold new design and the announcement of critical funding.

The Revitalize NBM project will create a new 134,000-square-foot facility which will house research, exhibition, and community spaces under one sustainable, decarbonized roof. The design, created by award-winning architectural firm Diamond Schmitt, captures the essence of New Brunswick’s rich heritage and natural landscape, featuring expansive views of the Saint John Harbour and surrounding natural beauty.

“We are thrilled to unveil the design for New Brunswick’s provincial museum, which embraces the historic Douglas Avenue location while creating a welcoming and engaging space for everyone,” said Tracy Clinch, chair of the New Brunswick Museum Board. “With substantial funding from the provincial and federal governments and a significant contribution from the museum itself, this project represents an important milestone for our province. It’s a testament to our commitment to preserving New Brunswick’s rich heritage while embracing sustainability and innovation.”

The Museum also announce that EllisDon has been awarded the Construction Management Services contract for the project.

“EllisDon is honoured to be chosen as the Construction Management Services partner for the New Brunswick Museum’s Revitalization Project,” said Shaun Stiles, Senior Vice President and Area Manager Atlantic Canada, EllisDon. “We believe that fostering a deep connection between the community and the built environment is at the heart of every successful project. This partnership is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about building a legacy that will stand as a testament to the shared values and aspirations of this vibrant province.”

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The project is a collaborative effort between the provincial government, the federal government, and the New Brunswick Museum Board of Directors. Funding announced  includes a provincial government contribution of $58 million and a federal government contribution of $49.9 million. The New Brunswick Museum will also contribute significantly through a forthcoming capital campaign.

“Taking inspiration from the museum’s original site—one of the great vantage points in Saint John—our design embraces the rich history of New Brunswick’s heritage and natural landscape. This is a museum project for the past, present, and future of New Brunswick, prioritizing archives and conservation capabilities, major exhibition galleries, community and education spaces, and environmental sustainability through our goal of zero-carbon certification,” said Donald Schmitt, principal at Diamond Schmitt.

The project has to-date benefitted from extensive and ongoing engagement with First Nations and other cultural groups, and with community members and heritage stakeholders around the province.

“Finding a permanent home for the New Brunswick Museum has been an important project for our government. Today is an exciting day for all New Brunswick residents because this renewed infrastructure will be a place to preserve and showcase our province’s natural and cultural history for generations to come,” said Premier Blaine Higgs.

Featured image: (Rendering by PLAY-TIME, Courtesy of Diamond Schmitt)


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