Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade, announced the completed remediation of the Tundra Mine site, a former gold mine retained by the Government of Canada for remediation under the Northwest Territories Land and Resources Devolution Agreement. Federal representatives joined those from the Government of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknives Dene First Nation, and North Slave Metis Alliance at a ceremony on the site, to celebrate the successful remediation.

The Government of Canada invested approximately $110 million in the Tundra Mine Remediation Project, which included the participation of local Indigenous communities. The project provided economic benefit to the North, with Northerners representing 76 per cent of suppliers and 61 per cent of employees.

“The Tundra Mine Remediation Project is a great example of the hard work of Northerners and the importance of partnerships with local Indigenous communities. This project provided important training opportunities for local community members that enabled them to participate in the local economy and manage their land. With remediation and revegetation work completed, risks to health and the environment have been reduced so that Dene and Métis people can once again use the land for traditional purposes.”

Remediation included revegetating soil, sealing mine openings, consolidating and isolating tailings and waste rock, treating petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils, erecting barriers for erosion control, and removing buildings. This restoration will help local Dene and Métis peoples once again use the land for traditional practices. Canada will continue monitoring the site to ensure it remains stable.

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