The Government of Saskatchewan will continue to invest in infrastructure projects throughout the province, with new funding targeted at transportation initiatives and planning for the future of health care delivery.

The province has increased its 2019-20 health care budget to $5.89 billion, up $123 million from the previous year. While there are no new direct investments in hospital construction, the budget does include monies for planning for a new hospital in Weyburn, as well as pre-construction design of a new Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert.

The Government has also introduced a new five-year, $65 million Enhanced Intersection Safety Program, starting with $13 million committed in this year’s budget, “that will improve signage, sight lines and lighting and add safety features like rumble strips at intersections throughout the province.”

In addition to the investment in transportation safety, the budget includes more than $60 million for twinning and passing lane projects, and overall funding for work to improve more than 1,000 kilometres of the provincial highway network.

“This budget also achieves the right balance by investing a total of $2.7 billion into hospitals, schools, highways, and municipal and Crown infrastructure to help meet the needs of a growing population and economy, while ensuring that debt is managed responsibly,” said Finance Minister Donna Harpauer. “The 2019-20 Budget is part of our government’s plan to continue to balance into the future, and sustain needed investments in high-quality government services for all Saskatchewan people.”

Overall, the province expects to end 2019-20 with a surplus of $34.4 million with a revenue forecast of $15.03 billion.

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