Saturday, December 10, 2022

Tag: refurbishment

OPG revises timeline for Unit 3 refurbishment

As OPG and its project partners work toward restarting the Unit 2 reactor at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, preparations have also been underway...

OPG completes Unit 2 reactor construction

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), along with its project partners and vendors, have now completed construction on Darlington Nuclear Generating Station’s Unit 2 reactor. The...

Bruce Power begins Major Component Replacement Unit 6 project

Four years after the start of its Life-Extension Program, Bruce Power is beginning the execution phase of its first Major Component Replacement (MCR) project. The...

New First Nations joint venture named supplier for Bruce Power refurbishment

Bruce Power has signed a supplier agreement with a new, locally-based, First Nation-owned joint business venture to provide construction services to Bruce Power, as...

Darlington Refurbishment hits Unit 2 project milestone

The reassembly of the Unit 2 reactor at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (GS) is now underway nearly two years after OPG and its project...

Black & McDonald awarded Bruce Power refurbishment contract

Black & McDonald Limited has been awarded the contract for construction projects and services for Bruce Power’s Unit 6 Major Component Replacement (MCR) project. Under...