Four years after the start of its Life-Extension Program, Bruce Power is beginning the execution phase of its first Major Component Replacement (MCR) project.

The Operations team at the Bruce B nuclear generating station completed the rundown sequence for Unit 6 and took the unit offline. Between now and 2033, Units 3-8 will be upgraded during MCR, replacing the reactor components to extend the life of those units, and the Bruce Power site, to 2064.

“The Unit 6 project marks the next big step in a long campaign to revitalize this site,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO. “It has taken commitment, focus, and innovation to get us to this point, and on behalf of our board of directors and the senior leadership team, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the MCR planning process.

“Our employees, supplier partners and skilled tradespeople participating in this project are ready for the journey ahead, and I look forward to delivering our plan and securing our future.”

Expanding the life of the Bruce Power site until 2064 will result in an annual injection of $4 billion into Ontario’s economy while creating and sustaining 22,000 jobs across the province each year. The company will continue to safely provide clean, affordable, reliable power and life-saving medical isotopes while strengthening local communities and protecting the environment.

“With Unit 6 offline, we have reached a pivotal moment in Bruce Power’s history,” Rencheck said. “We are focused on doing our work safely, to the highest standard, on time and on budget.”

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