Friday, December 8, 2023

Tag: SmartTrack

Toronto secures provincial funding to continue delivery of SmartTrack program

Toronto City Council voted unanimously to receive $226 million in provincial funding for the delivery of the SmartTrack Stations Program. Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie announced...

Ontario and Toronto start delivery of SmartTrack Stations Program

The Ontario government and the City of Toronto have signed a revised “Ontario-Toronto Agreement in Principle,” endorsing the SmartTrack Stations Program, bringing the transit...

Transportation planning underway for transit-oriented communities in Toronto

The Ontario government has initiated discussions and shared preliminary plans with the City of Toronto to build two proposed transit-oriented communities located at the...

Toronto commits federal funding to transit projects

The City of Toronto’s Executive Committee has approved a staff report recommending that $4.896 billion in federal funding be allocated to four key transit...

Ontario, Toronto sign MOU to fund transit expansion

The Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto have reached a major milestone in the integrated GO Regional Express Rail (RER)/SmartTrack project that...