The Government of British Columbia has shortlisted three pre-qualified bidding teams to participate in the request for proposals (RFP) stage to design and build the Highway 91/17 upgrade project.

The project is a combination of improvements to the existing Highway 91, Highway 17, and Highway 91 Connector corridors to improve travel safety and efficiency south of the Fraser River. These upgrades will improve commercial and local travel in the area and reduce conflicts between commercial vehicles and other traffic.

The request for qualifications was posted through BC Bid. The following three teams have been invited to participate in the RFP stage of the competitive selection process:

Kiewit Construction Services, ULC

  • Kiewit Constructions Services, ULC – respondent and design-build contractor
  • WSP Canada Inc.- design firm

Pacific Gateway Constructors

  • Ledcor CMI Ltd. – design-builder (lead)
  • Aecon Infrastructure Management Inc. – design-builder
  • Bel Contracting – design-builder
  • McElhanney Engineering Services Ltd. – design firm

Gateway Legacy Partners

  • Graham Infrastructure LP – design-builder
  • Parsons Inc. – design-builder and lead design firm
  • BA Blacktop Ltd. – design-builder
  • Urban Systems – design firm
  • EXP Services Inc. – design firm

The government anticipates awarding the contract in fall 2019, with construction starting soon after and completion scheduled for 2023. Funding partners for this project include the Government of Canada through the National Infrastructure component of the New Building Canada Fund, the Province of British Columbia, and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

This project is part of a $245-million package being delivered by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure that includes improvements to Deltaport Way and upgrades to 27B Avenue on the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty lands. Work on these components began in summer 2018 and is expected to be completed in summer 2019. The 27B Avenue improvement is being funded by the Tsawwassen First Nation.

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The Highway 91/17 upgrades include:

  • Highway 91 at Nordel Interchange — direct ramps to and from Delta, improved acceleration and deceleration lanes, additional through-lanes for Nordel Way traffic crossing over Highway 91 and relocating a portion of the Delta Nature Reserve boardwalk.
  • Highway 91 Connector at Nordel Way intersection upgrades — a combination of direct access roads and additional turning lanes to remove one signalized intersection and improve all movements, including significantly improved access to and from the Nordel Way commercial-vehicle inspection station and truck parking area.
  • A new interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 91 Connector (Sunbury) and improvements to the River Road connection — replacing the existing signalized intersection and eliminating the need for an at-grade rail crossing to access the highway.

The remaining components of the program include:

  • Intersection improvements at Highway 17 at 80th Street (Tilbury) — upgrading the connection from 80th Street to Highway 17 westbound, to improve merging and reduce queuing on 80th Street.
  • 27B Avenue and Deltaport Way access improvements — providing a smoother, safer merge for traffic.
  • 27B Avenue upgrades between Deltaport Way and 41B Street — roadway widening and upgrading, in co-operation with Tsawwassen First Nation, to improve access to industrial lands and the Canadian Border Service Agency’s container examination facility.


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