The Provincial Government has appointed Heather Tizzard as the new Chief Procurement Officer for the Public Procurement Agency. The appointment was made through the merit-based appointment process established by the Independent Appointments Commission Act and is effective August 13, 2018.

Ms. Tizzard joined the provincial public service in 2000 and, since then, has held a number of progressively responsible positions, including her current role of Assistant Deputy Minister with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.

“Our government is committed to promoting consistency and coordination across the public sector, as well as increasing transparency and accountability in the procurement process,” said Sherry Gambin, minister responsible for the public procurement agency. “The Chief Procurement Officer is integral to our efforts, and Ms. Tizzard’s knowledge and expertise will be instrumental in helping public bodies best respond to their procurement needs.”

The Chief Procurement Officer will ensure accountability and transparency by all public bodies by providing full-time oversight of the Public Procurement Agency and implementation of the procurement framework. The new Public Procurement Act modernizes the purchasing process and focuses on best practices and achieving best value for dollars spent. Most of the Act came into force on March 24, 2018, while provisions on supplier debriefs, complaints, and supplier performance come into effect on September 24.

The new Act and Regulations were developed following extensive consultations with suppliers and public entities and allows government to adopt a strategic approach to procurement that maximizes opportunities for public bodies to purchase commodities through joint and group purchasing initiatives. It also enables the province to leverage the purchasing potential of intergovernmental arrangements, and considers opportunities to strengthen the province’s economic base by purchasing from local businesses where appropriate.

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All public bodies are subject to the new procurement framework in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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