Funding has been announced by the governments of Canada and Ontario for 35 community infrastructure projects across Ontario.

“Ensuring our communities have access to reliable infrastructure is vital for community development and well-being,” said Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu. “Today’s announcement for 35 community infrastructure projects will provide both Indigenous and Ontario communities with better drinking water, better access to community infrastructure, and safer and better maintained schools.”

The projects receiving funding include:

  1. A wastewater planning study, detailed design, and flow meter purchase project in Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. This project will be receiving $65,880 in funding from the Government of Canada and $32,940 from the Government of Ontario.
  2. Renovations and retrofits to the Dennis Franklin Cromarty First Nation High School through the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure stream. This project will include the replacement of the sewage and water pipes, repairs to the leaking roof, upgrades to the HVAC, electrical, and sprinkler systems, and asbestos abatement. Further work includes the installation of new flooring, the reconstruction of one of the entrance ramps to the school and repairs to the service elevator. The project will receive $7,712,000 from the Government of Canada and $1,928,000 from the Government of Ontario.
  3. Renovations and retrofits to the Pelican Falls High School through the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure stream. The project will include upgrades to the sewage system and the water plant, updates to the plumbing and electrical, repairs to the roof, the installation of a back-up generator, the replacement of the windows, and complete interior upgrades. The project will receive $6,721,996 from the Government of Canada and $1,680,499 from the Government of Ontario.
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“Our government is committed to building a resilient future for our province, and these investments in key projects across Ontario are an important step to achieving that goal,” said Ross Romano, Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services. “This initiative will provide individuals, families and workers with reliable and resilient public infrastructure that will serve their communities for years to come. As we move forward in our pandemic recovery plan, investments in our communities’ infrastructure will continue to provide substantial growth for local economies while also protecting the health and safety of Ontarians.”


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