Hatch has won an Award of Excellence from the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) for the micro-hydro facility at Oakville’s Mid Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Region of Halton’s Mid Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located in Oakville, Ontario, demonstrates the recent trend of WWTPs becoming resource recovery facilities, rather than solely wastewaster treatment plants. The WWTP is located approximately 4 km from Lake Ontario (the receiving body for the treated effluent) and has an elevation approximately 40 m higher than the lake level. This allowed for the incorporation of a 750 kW hydroelectric generating system (micro-hydro facility) installed in the effluent outfall. This first of its kind, innovative incorporation of hydropower technology provides sustainable power generation for the WWTP, reducing energy costs and the overall carbon footprint of the plant.

The Region engaged Hatch to provide engineering services for the Mid Halton WWTP Phase IV-V Expansion Project. As part of these services, the Region asked Hatch to evaluate opportunities for energy efficiencies in design and construction, in order to help the Region achieve its sustainability goals. Several ideas were put forward by Hatch and, of those, the proposal to construct a micro-hydro facility was the most significant and groundbreaking.

“The design of the micro-hydro facility combined several of Hatch’s key areas of expertise: WWTP design, shaft and tunnel design, and hydro power design, to create something truly unique,” shared Carl Bodimeade, Hatch’s senior vice president – Infrastructure. “We’re delighted that the Region of Halton entrusted us with their vision to develop sustainable, climate-friendly solutions, and that together we were able to design and deliver an award-winning project.”

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Featured image: The Region of Halton’s Mid Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located in Oakville, Ontario. (Hatch)


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