The Ontario General Contractors Association has released the OGCA Guide to Construction and Design Technology. The guide’s purpose is for general contractors to gain a fundamental understanding of BIM and other areas of construction design technology.

The product of extensive consultations with industry and subject matter experts on advanced construction and design techniques, the guide focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM), reality capture and geographic information systems (GIS).

“As projects increase in complexity, general contractors will have to communicate and collaborate across design, construction and management,” said Erich Schmidt, Public Affairs and Innovation Manager. “Our focus was to help our members learn more about BIM and VDC. That is why we started at the ground level and provided an explanation of the benefits of investing in this technology and the resources required to use BIM efficiently and effectively.”

The guide begins by defining BIM to create a foundation and explaining why the adoption of BIM/VDC processes is only increasing worldwide. Once the concept is understood, the guide shows how BIM models are created, emphasizing that surveying and reality capture techniques are the foundation of the BIM process. The focus then shifts to what makes a successful BIM project team and then concludes by exploring how BIM and related technologies will evolve as part of the future of how we build.

The OGCA would like to thank taskforce members EllisDon, PCL Construction, Matheson Constructors, Pomerleau, Kenaidan Contracting Ltd., Eastern Construction, Collaborative Structures Limited (CSL), and Bird Construction. The association would like to recognize Tyler Holditch, Chair of the BIM/VDC Taskforce, who was instrumental in creating this guide.

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In the coming months, the OGCA will be hosting a webinar on “Building a BIM Team” and will feature members of the BIM/VDC Taskforce.

The OGCA Guide to Construction and Design Technology is available for download here.

Featured image: OGCA


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