Englobe, a Canadian company specializing in engineering and environmental services, unveiled its new brand identity.

According to the company it is reaffirming its commitment to building a more sustainable world for current and future generations, one project at a time. Developed in partnership with the creative agency lg2, Englobe’s new brand reflects the diversity of the company’s services and expertise, as well as its will to deliver consistent excellence through a daring and impactful project approach.

The durability of our infrastructure, soil decontamination and treatment, the health of our waterways, strict material quality control, and asset management have become fundamental to our communities’ future well-being. Englobe is relying on its growth and on the ingenuity of its teams in Canada, France, and the United Kingdom to fully inhabit its leadership role in key areas, in order to help shape a better world.

“Like us, our clients and partners are determined to find sustainable solutions to achieve their goals. We are proud that the diversity of our expertise, as well as our relentless dedication, will enable us to support our clients and communities in seeking durable, innovative and responsible solutions. We wanted our brand to reflect who we are and our vision for the future,” noted Englobe co-president Mike Cormier.

Englobe’s new image encapsulates the company’s foundational values: benevolence, transparency, optimism, collaboration, and an entrepreneurial mindset. In turn, these values drive meaningful value for the company’s partners and clients, as well as the communities Englobe serves.

“Our vision is simple: we work together with our clients and partners to build a more sustainable future. We do so by sharing our expertise and through our benevolent and positive approach. To us, building strong relationships with our communities, clients and partners is crucial. Given our ambition to continue growing, we wanted to develop a powerful brand that would engage our teams and help us attract top talent,” added co-president Alain Robichaud.

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“We’re very proud of the new Englobe brand. Beyond its striking visual appeal, it is first and foremost a reflection of the strong, meaningful values our team members share. We’re confident that this refreshed brand identity will make our employees proud, as we continue working toward our shared vision of building a legacy of healthy living environments,” said Caroline Senay, vice president, Communications & Marketing.

Featured image: (Englobe)


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