Through its 2023 Budget the Government of Alberta is investing $30 million to expand the Red Deer Regional Airport, clearing the way to develop a national transportation logistics hub in central Alberta.

“Alberta’s airports play a critical role in strengthening and diversifying our economy by expanding access to markets, as we don’t have direct access to tidewater. This investment will allow additional aviation cargo and logistics services, which will not only provide new travel options and get more products to market but also create jobs and help attract new investment to central Alberta,” said Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors.

The expansion will support the growth of rural communities in central Alberta while enhancing the safety of local residents and airport users by creating an additional emergency access to the airport and the Hamlet of Springbrook. This new funding builds on a $7.5-million grant from Alberta’s government in 2022-23 for the airport to repair and upgrade its runway.

“We are glad this government has recognized the unique opportunity the airport and central Alberta can play in expanding our economic impact through diversification. We already have a tenant looking to expand their business as a result of this positive development. By building the road north, we now have the opportunity to access the additional 220 acres, which we hope will bring in cargo, aircraft repair and other airline-related services. This expansion project will also result in a new passenger terminal allowing for 737 aircraft passenger service,” said Graham Ingram, CEO, Red Deer Regional Airport.

Funding through Budget 2023 will support north end road construction and civil works, including water sanitation, stormwater and fibre optics, to Township Road 374 to support new business opportunities for the north end land development. The development of the north end road will also create additional emergency access to the airport and will increase safety for the community as it continues to grow.

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“Centrally located on the dynamic Calgary-Edmonton corridor, the Red Deer Regional Airport enjoys great competitive advantages. This transformative $30-million capital investment for the airport will leverage those advantages, increasing the economic capacity of the airport, thereby increasing economic activity and prosperity in Red Deer and central Alberta,” said Jason Stephan, MLA for Red Deer-South.

Featured image: Graham Ingram, CEO, Red Deer Regional Airport (left) and Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors (middle). (Government of Alberta)


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