The Government of Quebec has adopted the Bill 186 regarding the acquisition of additional cars for the Montreal metro.

The Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification, André Fortin, welcomed this significant step that will allow the Montreal Transit Corporation (STM) modify its contract with the Bombardier Alstom Consortium in order to acquire additional metro cars.

“We are taking another step towards achieving our twin goals of improving the quality and reliability of public transit in keeping with the spirit of the Sustainable Mobility Policy, and stimulating the economy and economy,” said Fortin.

In 2010, the National Assembly unanimously passed the Act regarding the acquisition of cars for the Montréal metro. This law enabled the Montreal Transportation Corporation to enter into a private contract with the Bombardier Alstom Consortium for the acquisition of 468 metro cars of the Azur type, replacing the MR-63 cars.

“The expertise acquired at the La Pocatière plant is a valuable economic development asset for the Bas-Saint-Laurent region,” said Jean D’Amour, Minister responsible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. “The Quebec government has recognized this by proposing this bill, which reinforces the possibility of seeing additional cars being assembled at the La Pocatière plant, which would generate significant economic benefits for the entire community.”

The acquisition by Montreal Transit Corporation of additional metro cars under amendments to the contract with the Bombardier Alstom Consortium in 2010 will:

  • Allow the acquisition of a number of cars quickly;
  • Hasten the improvement of the quality and reliability of the service to users;
  • Allow some cost savings if the consortium takes over the technology already developed, with or without improvement; and
  • Help safeguard jobs at the Bombardier Transport Canada Inc. plant. in La Pocatière associated with the assembly of cars acquired in 2010.
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