The City of Windsor recently provided an update on Phase 2 of the improvements being made on Banwell Road. This project is part of approximately $18-million in planned improvements for the Banwell Road corridor between 2020 and 2030.

In 2022, City Council approved a $1.7-billion, 10-year Capital Plan that invests close to $1-billion in spending on roads and sewers. This year alone, the City has committed $47-million towards road and sewer upgrades throughout the community – up from
$44-million in 2020 and $25.2-million in 2019. This road work, which includes the Banwell Road corridor project, is designed to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, prevent flooding, and lower commuting times.

Phase 1 saw approximately $2.5-million invested in improvements along Banwell Road from Tecumseh Road to Palmetto Street. This phase included installation of new road infrastructure, new storm sewers, asphalt paving, curbs and gutters, new streetlights, new sidewalk, and a new multi-use trail.

“I’m pleased to see Phase 2 of the Banwell Road Corridor Improvement project get underway, expanding on enhancements begun in 2020,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “When this current phase wraps, the new roundabout will enhance public safety and improve traffic flow to the area, leading to faster commute times for residents. Road infrastructure is one of our most important public assets, with our roads forming the bedrock of our city’s economic growth and social vitality. The Banwell project is a major piece of the puzzle. This arterial road sees an average traffic flow of about 14,000 vehicles daily, and it’s only getting busier. These investments will help meet our future transportation needs.”

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Phase 2 will invest approximately $6.5-million to undertake additional upgrades including:

  • Construction of a new roundabout at the intersection where Wildwood Drive and Mulberry Drive meet Banwell Road;
  • New sidewalk and multi-use trail added from Palmetto Street to the new roundabout;
  • New road infrastructure including new storm sewers, asphalt pavement, curbs and gutters, and new streetlights.

Since 2020, the City will have invested nearly $10-million on improvements to the Banwell Road corridor.

Featured image: (Twitter – @drewdilkens)


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