The Government of Canada announced that it has reached an agreement with the City of Brampton, to fast track over 3,150 new housing units over the next three years, and help spur the construction of more than 24,000 homes over the next decade.

Under the Housing Accelerator Fund, this agreement will provide over $114 million to eliminate barriers to building the housing we need, faster. It will allow for high-density development near the city’s transit corridors, reduce barriers to the development of housing in key areas of the city – such as urban centres, boulevards, and major public transit stations – and result in the creation of new incentive programs for affordable housing. Brampton has also committed to expanding the as-of-right zoning permission for housing, including permitting four residential units and four storeys within 800 metres of transit, which covers the vast majority of the city.

“We need to build more homes, faster. That means working with Mayors that want to cut red tape and help change the way we build homes in this country. It’s what today’s announcement in Brampton is all about. By investing in programs like the Housing Accelerator Fund, we’re building the foundation for a more stable, affordable, and prosperous life for millions of Canadians from coast to coast to coast,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The City of Brampton is a committed partner in the solution for more affordable housing for residents. We are thankful for the Government of Canada’s continued partnership and investment in our community, including today’s announcement of $114M through the Housing Accelerator Fund with a goal of creating more than 24,000 homes over the next decade, through the City’s new Official Plan, Housing Strategy and Action Plan, and Municipal Housing Pledge. This growth will be supported sustainably and strategically, focusing on higher-density development near transit corridors to ensure that while we’re meeting the needs of residents, we’re also reducing barriers to the development of housing in key areas of the City further spurring new incentive programs for affordable housing,” said Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton.

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The Housing Accelerator Fund is helping cut red tape and fast track the construction of at least 100,000 new homes for people in towns, cities, and Indigenous communities across Canada. It asks for innovative action plans from local governments, and once approved, provides upfront funding to ensure the timely building of new homes, as well as additional funds upon delivering results. Local governments are encouraged to think big and be bold in their approaches, which could include accelerating project timelines, allowing increased housing density, and encouraging affordable housing units.

“Today’s announcement will help fast track over 3,150 permitted units in the next three years and 24,100 homes over the next decade. By working with cities, mayors and all levels of government, we are helping to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford,” said Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities.

Featured image: (Government of Canada)


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