Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tag: City of Brampton

Brampton’s zero-emission bus transition given boost by CIB

Canada Infrastructure Bank will invest up to $400 million towards the City of Brampton's 450 zero-emission bus transition The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) and the City...

Funding for public transit in Brampton

Canada and Ontario invest in improved public transit for residents of Brampton Joint federal and provincial funds for the replacement of new Computer Aided Dispatch...

Canada and Ontario Invest in Public Transit Infrastructure in Brampton

Joint funding has been announced for the construction of a new public transit maintenance and storage facility for the City of Brampton's bus fleet. "Today’s...

Metrolinx and Brampton reach milestone for rapid transit planning

The City of Brampton and Metrolinx have reached a major milestone in their transit planning, advancing to the next stage of the Queen Street...

Brampton announces plans to construct large electric bus transit facility

Brampton City Council recently approved plans for Brampton Transit's fully electric transit maintenance and storage facility. Brampton Transit's third facility will be one of...