The City of Mission announced it has reached substantial completion of the forcemain upgrade project, adding the capacity of a new 900mm diameter steel sewer pipe to the city’s infrastructure to meet the needs of the community now and into the future.

“Now that it’s completed, the forcemain project will be out of sight and out of mind for most in Mission, but it is truly a major accomplishment,” said Mayor Paul Horn. “By completing the sewer line, we have ensured that one of our most basic services is maintained and we have protected our river from a potential failure. And, as a bonus, we were also able to elevate a key part of our waterfront above the flood construction level.”

The project was substantially completed in mid-May within budget and on schedule. Since then, the team has rebuilt the shoreline and re-armoured it with rock known as rip rap. They are also focused on completing other minor works and deficiencies.

“They call it the Mighty Fraser River, and crossing it with the Dredge, Drag, and Cover methodology and installing a 900mmØ Steel Pipe was a monumental achievement,” said Jay Jackman, project manager. “Now that the project is substantially complete and the pipe is operational, staff will continue to work on cleaning up minor deficiencies, stabilizing sand, completing works to compensate for disturbance to habitat, and monitoring works completed during their warranty period. Works left to complete involve planting, grading, raptor nest replacement, and the construction of a deep, off-channel pond with habitat complexing adjacent to Lane Creek to provide overwintering and rearing habitat for salmonids.”

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The project will benefit the city for many years. Throughout the project, the team focussed on working with care and respect for the environment front of mind.

“Our team deserves recognition for their dedication to the project,” Horn said. “It is difficult to describe the amount of work required to secure funding from the provincial and federal governments, approvals from government agencies, land-use agreements, and the equipment and expertise to complete this complex project. In today’s economy, getting things done on time and on budget is increasingly difficult, so we are very thankful for everyone’s creativity and commitment.”

The Fraser River Forcemain Project is funded in part through a partnership with the federal and provincial government through the Clean Water & Wastewater Fund (CWWF).

Featured image: (City of Mission on the Fraser)


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