The Government of British Columbia announced that work to improve travel times on Highway 1 through the Township of Langley is moving ahead with the replacement of the Glover Road crossing.

This is a key component of the Province’s Highway 1 216th to 264th widening project.

A contract for the Glover Road replacement valued at $19.5 million has been awarded to Tybo Contracting Ltd. of Langley. Preparatory construction will begin this fall. Major construction will begin in early 2023. Completion is anticipated for summer 2024.

The new Glover Road crossing will allow the widening of Highway 1 to add a lane in each direction for high-occupancy vehicles, designated electric vehicles and transit, helping reduce congestion. The new crossing will also increase the clearance height over Highway 1, improving safety on the highway by reducing the risk of over-height vehicles hitting the structure.

The new Glover Road crossing will also allow the Township of Langley to improve its active transportation network, with three-metre-wide multi-use pathways on either side of the crossing and approaches. Drainage and lighting will also be improved.

Because the new Glover Road crossing will maintain the same alignment as the existing overpass, the current Glover Road crossing is anticipated to close in early 2023 so that construction on the replacement can begin. A detour will be required, adding about five minutes of travel time for vehicle commuters during typical traffic conditions. This detour will only be required until construction of the new crossing is complete in summer 2024. Information about specific closure dates and detour routes will be provided to area residents as the construction schedule is confirmed.

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The replacement of the Glover Road crossing is a key component of the Highway 1 216th to 264th widening project and is the first major work contract to go to tender. Improvements planned for this project will help relieve congestion for drivers and accommodate more sustainable transportation options.

Tenders will follow later in 2022 for the other elements of the widening project, including replacing the existing railway crossing just east of Glover Road, replacing the 232nd Street Interchange, and widening Highway 1 from 216th to 264th to add an HOV/EV/transit lane in each direction.

The Highway 1 216th to 264th widening project has a budget of $345 million. The Government of Canada is contributing as much as $96.05 million to this project through the New Building Canada Fund, with funding of $225.58 million from Province of B.C. and $23.37 million from the Township of Langley.

Featured image: (BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure)


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