Hydro One announced that it has filed an application with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to upgrade an existing transmission line and operate it at a higher voltage as part of its Etobicoke Greenway Project.

The $73.1 million investment will help meet the growing energy demand of homes, businesses and public transit initiatives by bringing an additional 300 MW of clean power to the region – enough to power a city the size of Burlington, Ontario, while also creating a new community green space along the corridor which connects Richview Transformer Station (TS) and Manby TS.

“Hydro One is proud to have reached this significant milestone in the project that once complete, will help unlock Toronto’s clean energy future and support the region’s growing energy needs,” said Andrew Spencer, EVP, Capital Portfolio Delivery, Hydro One. “As families, businesses and communities transition to a cleaner, low-carbon lifestyle, Hydro One will continue investing in its grid, ensuring Ontario remains an attractive place to invest, live and work.”

“Hydro One’s Etobicoke Greenway Project will provide additional, clean electricity that supports the growth of our neighbourhoods and businesses,” said Kinga Surma, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure “I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Hydro One and the community to bring this critical project to life.”

Filing a leave to construct application under Section 92 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, is a requirement for Ontario electricity transmitters to obtain approval from the OEB to construct, expand, or reinforce electricity transmission or interconnections. The application submitted by Hydro One provides details of the project, such as timing, route, design and cost.

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This project was identified in the Toronto Integrated Regional Resource Planning process, led by the Independent Electricity System Operator, to support economic growth and transit electrification. In June 2022, Hydro One initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to rebuild and upgrade an existing non-energized 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line into a 230 kV line. As a key part of the Class EA, Hydro One committed to working closely with the community to create a shared vision for how the hydro corridor could be used for a new community green space once the project has been completed.

Featured image: (Hydro One)


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