In partnership with Procore Technologies, Inc. FMI Corp. released the results of The State of Global Preconstruction Report, which discusses the current environment for preconstruction and the characteristics of organizations that do it well, including what constitutes above-average preconstruction processes and the effects of efficient and digitized preconstruction.

This report survey 979 construction industry stakeholders worldwide who were were asked to describe the preconstruction practices in their organizations, tools and technologies, project experiences and outcomes.

Key takeaways included:

  • Above average preconstruction shows significantly higher client satisfaction, greater profits and fewer delays. The report finds that fewer than one-in-five are conducting above-average preconstruction, based on five key factors for preconstruction as shown in the chart below.
  • Effective preconstruction can make a big difference. Above-average organizations are 52 per cent more likely to report higher profitability than below-average organizations. Above-average organizations are 52 per cent more likely to report higher profitability than below-average organizations.
  • The use of technology in construction. Above-average organizations are 44% more satisfied (extremely or very) with their preconstruction solutions than below-average organizations. However, with only 46 per cent extremely or very satisfied, it shows that more than half of above-average organizations are still not satisfied with their current solutions and construction technology has some opportunity to improve.

“The results from the State of Preconstruction survey are clear: investing in preconstruction can provide tangible returns on profit, schedule and client satisfaction,” said Tooey Courtemanche, founder, president and CEO of Procore. “Many of the most successful contractors around the world focus their efforts on preconstruction because ultimately, better planned projects drive better outcomes. Data shows that organizations are willing to invest in preconstruction, and construction is not slow to adopt technology but waiting for the right tech for their businesses. We’re proud to invest in Procore’s Preconstruction solution, which can help users manage designs, estimates, bids, and budgets across projects on one, integrated platform.”

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In light of these findings, the report recommended the following:

  • Review preconstruction processes
  • Start the preconstruction process early
  • Invest in dedicated preconstruction resources
  • Involve all project stakeholders
  • Leverage technology to streamline the preconstruction process

Featured image: (Procore)


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