The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced that a contract valued at approximately $1.3 million has been awarded to Complete Concrete Solutions Ltd. to complete repairs to two bridges on the Lewin Parkway (Route 450) in Corner Brook.

The contract includes the replacement of support bearings and road surface repairs to both the bridge leading from the parkway to Humber Road and the bridge leading to the parkway from Main Street.

This work is in addition to repairs on the bridges in 2022 as part of a $1.8 million contract awarded to Floyd’s Construction Ltd. that also included work on the Corner Brook Stream Bridge, the Lewin Parkway overpass above the Trans-Canada Highway and the Ballam Bridge on Route 440.

“Repairs to bridges help to ensure the safety of residents and tourists travelling on our highways. We made significant progress on improving our highways in 2022, and we look forward to completing repairs to bridges as part of our multi-year roads plan this year and beyond,” said Elvis Loveless, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The department anticipates work on the bridges will be completed this summer. The bridge will remain closed from the parkway to Humber Road until that time.

More than 40 bridges were repaired as part of the multi-year roads plan in 2022. Work is underway on updates to the multi-year plan, with an update expected this winter that will outline highway construction projects planned for the following two construction seasons.

Featured image: (NL Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure)

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